Pearl, the word has Latin and French origins and means, “something precious or choice; the finest example of anything”, which more than defines the heart of our brand. We believe the best design process is one that is a partnership. The finest results come from a collaborative effort with our clients, from understanding your desires and needs to developing something truly unique and valued.


Pixels – small little dots are what make up the images on computer displays – play a key role in any digital design. They represent the small details that we’re so passionate about! The vision behind Pearl & Pixel is to help businesses grow by highlighting their unique advantages, in a creative, visually stunning way. From professional ready made templates, to fully customised designs.


As a designer and a visual artist, I always say that having a professional business presence is important at any level, whether you’re a CEO or a stay at home parent setting up your first online store. I also believe great design should be accessible to all. A well created branding, a beautiful website or a stunning business card should not just be a luxury item. Rather, it should create the greatest value, given the resources available.


Whether you’re just searching for a creative inspiration or looking to start or revamp a business, I hope we can share this journey together.







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