Every design made by Pearl and Pixel is created from my little house in a small UK town (or from a nearby cafe as I often work on my laptop).

My journey with graphic design started 15 years ago and after all those years I’m still enjoying every minute of it! In my career I’ve been through many different design jobs – from print artworking, illustration design, to senior corporate roles – however what I enjoy most is being my own boss and working with clients from all over the world – even though it’s much tougher and not as financially rewarding as working for someone else. I enjoy the freedom & creativity my small business gives me. I also enjoy being able to produce less waste, consume less and care more – I’m truly grateful for each and every order I receive – thank you!

Pearl, the word has Latin and French origins and means, “something precious or choice; the finest example of anything”, which more than defines the heart of everything I do. I believe the best design process is one that is a partnership. The finest results come from a collaborative effort with my clients, from understanding your desires and needs to developing something truly unique and valued.

Pixels – small little dots are what make up the images on computer displays – play a key role in any digital design. They represent the small details that I’m so passionate about!

Whether you’re just searching for a creative inspiration or looking to start or revamp a business, I hope we can share this journey together.





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