The pricing has been intentionally structured to allow the studio to be more accessible for all people.

Drop-in classes cost $8 per class.

We also offer monthly memberships and subscription-based options with savings up to $160! Please see pricing below:

1 Month

$35oosingle fee
  • Unlimited monthly membership
  • Singe fee per one month

3 Months

  • Unlimited monthly membership
  • Save $5

6 Months

  • Unlimited monthly membership
  • Save $15

12 Months

  • Unlimited monthly membership
  • Save $60

Our Classes

Morning Meditation: Begin your morning, and your week, by taking time to sit and relax your mind, body, and spirit. Meditation will bring more clarity and ease of decision making throughout your day. This is a guided meditation that will create a peaceful mindset for the day ahead.


Loving-Kindness Meditation: Engage your compassion and let it naturally expand. Be guided in the practice of loving-kindness toward yourself and others. Let your heart be warmed and your mind be opened while cultivating more compassion in the world.


Mantra Meditation: The repetition of significant words can welcome the potential to heal by replacing displeasing feelings with clarity.


Grounding Meditation: It is very difficult to think and feel at the same time. When you bring your attention to feeling the sensations present in your body, thinking naturally slows down, insights arise, and feelings of well-being, peace, and ease flood to the surface. Join us for a guided self-exploration into your essential nature.


Morning Mindfulness Meditation and Discussion: This class focuses on cultivating mindfulness by becoming more aware of your individual senses and experiences. This class also discusses how to implement mindfulness into your daily life.


Stillness Meditation: Take a break from thinking, striving, and doing and explore your way into the heart of stillness. This deeply restful, guided exploration will offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your true self. Feel free to sit or lie down in any comfortable position on this journey home to yourself.


Candelight Meditation: The studio will only be lit by candlelight! Join us for a deeply peaceful and powerful silent meditation experience to wind down the week. Flameless candles are provided; you are welcome to bring your own flameless candle as well! The more candles, the more lovely!


Accessible Yoga: Accessible Yoga is not a style of yoga, but a way of integrating classes where all students (no matter their level or ability) can practice together! By offering students the opportunity to practice on a mat, in a chair, or at the wall, along with various pose modifications, this class allows everyone the opportunity to experience yoga.


Gentle Yoga:  This class focuses on stretching and breathing, there will be no feats of strength or super flexibility needed! However, we may do some standing poses, forward bends, and low-impact backbends, in addition to seated stretches in this class. These classes are intended to be calming and to reduce stress. If you have been intimidated by the more athletic yoga styles and/or your main goal is to unwind, this class is for you!



What will I sit on?

We want to make meditation accessible to everyone.  We have floor cushions, kneeling benches, and chairs in the studio so you can find a comfortable spot.  If you have more specific needs, please reach us at

What should I wear?

Something comfortable to sit or lie down in is preferable but you can come as you are!  We ask you to remove your shoes at the door and go barefoot or you may wear socks.  We also have blankets for use.

What kind of meditation/yoga do you provide?

We conduct meditation classes that are open to all levels. They include Loving-Kindness, Mantra, Mindfulness, Grounding, and others.

Our Accessible Yoga classes allow students the opportunity to practice on a mat, in a chair, or at the wall, along with various pose modifications, thus allowing everyone the opportunity to experience yoga together!

Our gentle yoga classes focus on stretching and breathing. There will be no feats of strength or super flexibility needed! These classes are intended to be calming and to reduce stress.

What if I can’t stop thinking?

It is a common misconception that the goal of meditation is to stop our thoughts and completely clear our mind. However, this isn’t the case! If we could easily master our thoughts, we wouldn’t need to meditate! Thinking is a natural function of our brain, in fact, the practice of meditation is noticing and being aware of our thoughts and then redirecting our mind to a single focal point (i.e. your breath, a candle flame, a mantra, etc.)